The days of having to use a limited number of expensive software programs to run your business are over. Now you can use Free and Open Source Software to do most of the same things as more expensive software. can provide training in various free alternative software to help you run your business more effeciently.

Opencart is an excellent e-commerce package and is the one I chose when I ran by own online shop. However, like most shopping carts, the emphasis is on the front-end and the customer's experience rather than the back-end and the shop owner's needs. I found there were reports I needed, information I wanted to keep, and procedures that used too many clicks and time. Initially written for my own use, I created extensions and added them to the opencart extensions directory. It seems I wasn't alone in wanting these features as they have been purchased by other shop owners.

The changes we made for our own use have now been made available through the OpenCart Extensions. All extensions use vQmod, which allows modifications without changing core files.

  • Multiple Supplier with Restock: adds suppliers and links products to their supplier, reports products by supplier, and lets you update the quantity of all goods from a supplier from a single page
  • Product Sales History: shows the monthly history of sales for the selected product. Results are shown in a table comparing as many years of data as you have in your database.
  • Picklist with Options: looks at orders with a selected status and creates a list of the items and quantities to fill these orders
  • Change Order Status: update the order status and add comments for a group of orders at the same time
  • Picklist by Order: provides your warehouse staff a picklist for individual orders. For each order selected, the list shows the Location, SKU, product name and options (if any), the quantity, and an image of the product
  • Drop Ship Email: checks for drop ship products in the selected orders and sends an email to the supplier
  • Foldable Invoice for Mailing Label: allows you to print an invoice which is also the mailing label. Fold the invoice in quarters and insert into a documents envelope to create the mailing label.
  • Display Featured Product by Sort Order: uses the sort order value of a product rather than the order they were added to the list of featured products to determine the sequence for displaying products